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The Jamia Jafaria Madni Nagar is a modest contribution to the movement aiming at equipping new Muslim generations with higher Islamic education. Although it is just two decades since it was commenced, its performance has been encouraging. Gratitude to Allah, now the Jamia Jafaria Madni Nagar stands for a noted academic institution where comprehensive courses in the source areas of the Islamic learning are offered to Muslim boys. By the grace of Allah Ta'ala, and thanks to the institution's performance, its credit in the midst of countless Madrasas in the country stands high and so many Ulama have expressed their satisfactory impressions

What Is Madrasa..?

Words By: Hazrat Maulana Abul Hassan Ali Miyan Nadwi Rahmatullah Alayhi

I think a Madrasa is a strong and energetic movement and the flourishing one in caparison with any other institute. Its one end is attached with the Prophet hood of our Prophet Muhammad (ٍصلی اللہ علیہ وسلم) and other is attached with the life, taking water for the spring of the Prophet hood and this every end enlivens human beings. No institute is as buy as is a Madrasa, for there are countless problems, deceptions, and desires in life. How is the Madrasa free when it has taken the responsibility to guide a man's life? Every institute, markaz and a man in the world has the right to be free and they can enjoy the holidays but a Madrasa can not.

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