Courses & Departments In Jamia

The Principal’s Office(Ehtimam):

This is the central office of the Madrasah. It governs all the other departments. It implements all administrative decisions; it is responsible for the appointments of the new staff and dismissal of an old staff as well. Also the protection of the tack of the Madrasah is the responsibility of this office, at present Hazrat Maulana Khalid Anwar Sahab Qasmi (Director Of Jamia) is the incharge of this department.

Department of Education

This is the most important department of the Madrasah. Through this department the Madrasah achieves its original goal.

Account Department

This department keeps all records of accounts. Each amount is kept under the record of this department and receipts are issued against all amounts received by the Madrasah. Signed vouchers are also made at this department against each payment and expenditure.

Department of Quran Karim Nazrah

Alhamdulillah, In this department, the students are taught Holy Quran from Nurani Qayda to complete Holy Quran.

Department of Hifz Quran Karim

The students are made memorize the Holy Quran by heart which is an important work. They are also taught tajwid and practice. The teachers perform their duty well in this department.

Department of Tajwid and Qirat

In this department, books of Tajwid and Qirat are taught as well as the studnets are made practise to recite the Holy Quran with tartil and hadar.

Department of Persian language

As there are a number of Islamic books in Persian language, so, some Persian books like Taisirul Mubtadi, Hamdbari to Gulistan etc are taught the students

Arabic Department

In this department, Arabic Awwal (First Year Arabic class) up to Arabic Daum (Second Year Arabic class) is taught.

Department of Primary

After completation of Noorani Qaeda, the students are taught Hindi and English up to Fifth Class with Nazrah and Hifz.

Department of Deeniyat & Urdu

In this department, the students are taught Noorani Qaeda along with Urdu language.


In the internal affairs of the Madrasah this department plays important role. It allows students to accommodate in the hostel with full protection; medical support during sickness, distribution of warm cloths during winter is the responsibility of this department.


Mess offers two foods daily to the students. All the boarding students are feed at the Mess of the Madrasah.

Department of Dawat w Tabligh

The students are made focus on dawat w tabligh, for this, they are trained to have good quality and talent. By the grace of Allah, the students preach among the people to perform Namaz and other Islamic works.

Department of Construction

The Madrasah is synonymous to continuous and uninterrupted activities. Since the Madrasah took the responsibility to lead the community, its need and requirements become unlimited.

Department of Promotion and Publication

All important literature is developed under this department; later this department publishes the ready literature. By this department some small books and pamphlets are published

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