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The Jamia Jafaria Madni Nagar is a modest contribution to the movement aiming at equipping new Muslim generations with higher Islamic education. Although it is just two decades since it was commenced, its performance has been encouraging. Gratitude to Allah, now the Jamia Jafaria Madni Nagar stands for a noted academic institution where comprehensive courses in the source areas of the Islamic learning are offered to Muslim boys. By the grace of Allah Ta'ala, and thanks to the institution's performance, its credit in the midst of countless Madrasas in the country stands high and so many Ulama have expressed their satisfactory impressions over the educational performance of it. A comprehensive list of such Ulama exists in this, Introduction along with the credentials they kindly gave after seeing the Jamia by their own eyes. By laying the foundation stone of this religious institution in fact a great movement for the educational development of the area and around was launched. Although the work was commenced in a state of almost utter resourcelessness, yet, thanks to the unseen Divine support, the institution began to march ahead unhindered, making progress visible at all spheres education and construction of new building structures, and the academic performance of its beneficiary students has been unbelievably good. Praise to Allah Ta'ala, today this institution stands for a noted religious seminary of Bihar and its religious, educational, academic, social and welfare services have won it an unmatched status. The Jamia was established in 17'" Zil Qa'da, 1426 A.H, corresponding to 11' September, 2005 C.E. Total number of the students studying in all branches of the Jamia, including the main campus is 1400, out of this number 250 are hostelers whose total expenses are met by the Jamia itself. 950 students are those who study in 8 Makatib (Branches) spread over seven adjoining districts lying on the Indo-Nepal border. To educate and cater the educational and training requirements of this large number of students the Jamia has hired the services of 8 expert teachers. It is to be noted that this is almost Muslim majority area so much as that it may be said that this is a single Muslim majority area in the country after Kashmir. Unfortunately, the uneducated and unlettered Muslim majority is beleaguered by hostile anti-Islam forces, specially the Qadyanism.
Income and Expenses (1' April, 2017 upto 31' March, 2018) Gross Income Rs. 32,48,733.00. Total Expenditure Rs. 34,60,578.00. Thus the balance sheet shows a deficit of over three million rupees (2,11,845.00) The rising prices of the essential commodities and the dearing services has forced the Jamia authorities to appoint a comparatively larger budget for the next year (2018-19) 3.8 million Indian Rupees. The Expected budget of future construction plane for Jamiatul Qasim is more than 3.0 Million (Approx). I appeal to all donors, sinceres and our patrons for monitory support with all friends.

A Sincere Appeal & Request

The present period is the period of Muslim’s infernity and demeaning. There is the foray of western solicitude and culture and imaginings & teachings opposite of Islam. Due to poisonous effect of isolation and non religiousness, disliking the worshipping is heightened. There is plenty of misdoing persons. Unfamiliar to religion, In this period of disturbance and unfamiliar to religion, insurgency atmosphere of unbeliever, where the efforts are continue to uproot Islam and people of Islam. There is highly needed of spreading of Islamic educations so that we and our innocent generation may be protected from unbelieving of Islam and would be acquainted to Quran, theology and Sunnat. If we wish that this progeny of the nation would enlighten with the light of Islamic education, we would have to strengthen these forts and regiments. So there is most important thing to pay attention towards their requirements. So this faithful is requesting to you all well wishers to do help the institution for educational and constructional progress by all means. So get pious for ever by participating the noble cause.

--Mohammad Khalid Anwar Qasmi
(Founder & Director Of Jamia)

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